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During one winter, while sorting through and cleaning out piles of papers in my studio, I came across an old sketchbook. At the age of nine, I had taken a painting class taught by a friend of my parents and this was the documentation of that time. Looking through the pages I could clearly remember the joy of those classes and my first experience drawing from a live model. To ease any of my embarrassment, the teacher had the models wear bathing suits, hence all of the drawings look like beach scenes.

In finding these few, unskilled drawings of seated and standing figures, my interest in representing the shared human experience reawakened. This, and my love of Italian 14th century painting, has challenged me to merge both influences in new imagery. In life, what connects us is always more interesting than what separates us. In art, you can take your unique vision and find the common language. The moments of sitting on the beach can represent the stretching out of time. Watching our children grow up is the common thread to our own aging. The simple New England architecture becomes a metaphor of the changing undercurrent of relationships.
image detail of Buzz Masters’ painting

The recycling of our old ideas, pertaining to creating work, is always an exciting experience. In re-doing a youthful image with an older eye, paths taken and choices made can become more clearly defined. As a result of finding that old sketchbook, the past resurfaced becoming the present and new paintings were born.


Buzz Masters is a painter living and working in Deer Isle, Maine. Her focus of community, and how we create it, has led her to help coaching her daughter’s cross country team, taking groups of teenagers to Europe, sitting on the board of Windward Passage sailing program, and serving her island as an EMT-IA. She helped initiate, and has remained a member of, The Women’s Grand Adventure Group since 1979, and recently helped establish Bad Mommies.